Gnarwall S-Hook - Clear

$30.00 CAD

Gnarwall S-Hook - Clear

$30.00 CAD
Product description

Product Features

A multipurpose hook for surfboards, coats, bags, helmets and anything else that needs hanging.

We suggest this hook for hanging surfboards from your leash string. This works well if you want to leave your surfboard fins in, or if you have glassed on fins.

Suitable to hang items less than 15lbs. 

Hanger's thickness is 9mm (up to ⅜").

For hanging instructions and disclaimer click here


Package includes:

1 Gnarwall S-Hook

White Wall Mount comes with all orders by default. For alternate colour options please indicate upon checkout.

Mounting hardware 

DISCLAIMER: This product is NOT made for hanging surfboards from the fin box.

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