Our Story


Where it all began...

Adam began his surfing lifestyle around 15 years ago on the Great Lakes; the majority of his waves are still close to home surfing on Lake Ontario, Erie and Huron. The lakes primarily fire up from September until March with cold winter low-pressure systems. As a result, there's plenty of downtime through the summer months. This usually means surfboards end up in the garage or stuffed in corners, creating clutter and damaging boards. This was how the GNARWALL concept came to be. Simply organizing his boards while utilizing the open wall space in his now studio workspace.

Coming from a design background, Adam wanted a storage solution that would both organize and showcase his quiver. The hanging system also had to adhere to Adam's design philosophy "form follows function, simple and sustainable". 

From that initial idea of the GNARWALL surfboard wall hangers, today also a snowboard wall mount, a multi board rack, plant hangers as well as a wetsuit hanger are part of the GNARWALL product range.



"I'm a passionate surfer that wanted an artful, ecological-conscious, board hanging solution which would also have an emphasis on clean and simple design."

We focus on simplicity, efficiency and being made to last.

How are your products produced?

For the most part our products are produced in the GNARWALL work shop and cut with a laser. The custom plastic wall hanger is made from 100% recyclable ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic. The custom screws are stainless steel so they will never rust.

For all of our wooden parts, we use the highest grade Russian Baltic Birch Plywood. This is a great material, as it is commonly known for its strength and stability. Three or more layers of Birch are combined together to make a single sheet of plywood, reinforcing the strength of the original piece of wood. Furthermore, it's extremely sustainable, as Birch trees are an abundant and fast-growing species that cause little devastation or destruction of biodiversity when cut down.