Product Care


How should I Care for my GNARWALL Products?

We are committed to keeping our products sustainable and therefore biodegradable. Wood, being an organic material, can be broken down by water, fire, and air over time. If you are in a humid climate or intend to hang up wet boards and/or wet-suits, we suggest sealing your wooden products with a urethane coating.

How should I install my GNARWALL Products?

All our products come with all the tools you need to install the hangers except for a hammer, drill and 1/4 drill bit. Instruction Manuals are always included however if you prefer to see it done in action check the videos below.

For hanging instructions and disclaimer click here

What is the Maximum Capacity the Hangers can Handle?

All of our hangers at GNARWALL™ are engineered with a 3x safety factor. For boards heavier than 15lbs we recommend that the wall hanger be screwed directly into a structural wall stud or block wall or to use more than one hanger using the 2 trailer fins or twin fins.

We are committed to creating products that last. If your product fails to perform or is damaged due to a material or manufacturing error, we’ll replace it or work with you on another solution. All replacements are at the discretion of our team, we kindly ask you to reach out to us and send us pictures of the product in question.

GNARWALL™  a SHEPPSolutions Brand.