Our mission is to develop tools that perform one task as efficiently as possible; we strive to find solutions to everyday problems. 

Adam Shepperdley - Director
Adam is a passionate Professional Industrial Designer with strong roots in the Design Community. His love for surfing and simple sustainable design sparked the birth of GNARWALL. He is focused on building the business in a creative atmosphere with a small group of talented team members.
Terrence Li - Industrial Designer
A fascinated designer since childhood. Terrence is passionate to design with a focus on user experience along with understandings of empathy and emotion. With a degree in Industrial Design and 9 years of experience in UX, contract furniture, and medical devices, Terrence continues to build his skills as an ACIDO Accredited Professional Industrial Designer. He is also leading the team in becoming exceptional climbers.
Abdul Kauchali - Industrial Designer
A recent Industrial Design Graduate from Humber College. Abdul enjoys experimenting and iterating designs with a focus on developing novel solutions. Outside of his work, Abdul can be found working on cars & motorcycles, sketching, or enjoying the great outdoors.
Gabriel Otrin - Industrial Designer
A designer experienced with a wide variety of products,
from simple functional objects to intricate electromechanical products. He is most interested in designing new products with a high degree of usefulness that truly improve the quality of life of others. In his own time Gabriel can be found at the shop making one-off parts to build the best possible version of his car.
Can Kaya - Electrical Engineer
An engineer by profession from Istanbul Commerce University. Can has always been fascinated by the design process and understanding products inside and out. He also enjoys being outdoors and exploring different cuisines from around the world. 
Duncan Grewar - Web/Graphic Designer
A recent graduate of Toronto Film School for Graphic, Web and Interactive Media Design, Duncan enjoys music, art and ice cold water.
Natalia Pushkar - Summer Intern
An industrial design student at Carleton University and holder of a Bachelor of Graphic Design, Natalia has always shown a keen interest in design and art. She thoroughly enjoys the creative process, seeing ideas develop into objects that change how people interact with their environment. Natalia is a maker and a crafter, and when she's not working on a new project you'll likely find her travelling or scuba diving.  
Ini Oluyemi - Summer Intern

An Industrial Design Student at Carleton University, who loves simple and user friendly design. Ini enjoys sketching, digital illustrations and sports.