Our mission is to develop tools that perform one task as efficiently as possible; we strive to find solutions to everyday problems.

At the heart of our brand is a passionate team of product designers from SHEPP Industrial Design, working tirelessly to bring you a curated collection of exceptional products. Each item in our inventory is a testament to their dedication and expertise, ensuring that you experience nothing but the finest in design and functionality.




 Adam Shepperdley - Director

Adam is a passionate Professional Industrial Designer with strong roots in the Design Community. His love for surfing and simple sustainable design sparked the birth of GNARWALL. He is focused on building the business in a creative atmosphere with a small group of talented team members.






Abdul Kauchali - Industrial Designer

A designer who enjoys experimenting and iterating designs with a focus on developing novel solutions. Outside of his work, Abdul can be found working on cars & motorcycles, sketching, or enjoying the great outdoors.







 Gabriel Otrin - Industrial Designer

A designer experienced with a wide variety of products,
from simple functional objects to intricate electromechanical products. He is most interested in designing new products with a high degree of usefulness that truly improve the quality of life of others. In his own time Gabriel can be found at the shop making one-off parts to build the best possible version of his car.







Gnarly is the team mascot, everyone's best friend, and the cutest little gnarly dude around town..