Gnarwall Wetsuit Drip-Dry Rack Gnarwall Wetsuit Drip-Dry Rack - GNARWALL
GNARWALL Gnarwall Wetsuit Drip-Dry Rack $159.00
GNARWALL Wetsuit Drip-Dry Rack: now featuring Clear Acrylic arms. An environmentally-friendly, wall-mounted dry rack that holds 2 wetsuits, 2 pairs of gloves, and 2 pairs of boots. Removable arms allows for usage with different arrangements. Rack is 23¼" (59cm) wide, and Arms protrude 11½" (29cm). Space between arms ranges from 2 to 3¼" (5 to 8cm). *BUCKET NOT INCLUDED* *This product does not qualify for free shipping. Click here for installation instructions (PDF)
Gnarwall Wetsuit Hanger - GNARWALL Gnarwall Wetsuit Hanger - GNARWALL
GNARWALL Gnarwall Wetsuit Hanger $20.00
Gnarwall Wetsuit Hanger Introducing THE ULTIMATE Wetsuit Hanger, made by surfers for surfers -- The sustainable option and easy to hang up your prized wetsuits to keep them in surfing shape  Interested in learning more about the materials we use? Read up on here